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Laura Papaianni is our Traffic Co-ordinator and her team's role is to improve the road safety standards around our school. We work with the school, RMS & Council to improve the physical environment and also educate the school community about safe road practices.

We meet approximately every 6 weeks to discuss and plan new initiatives, with notification of dates and times sent out in the newsletter and via the Skoolbag app.


Like to help?

We're a group of parents who represent our diverse Denistone East community, so we also appreciate speakers of Korean, Chinese, or other languages who can help with multilingual communication. If  you have any time to contribute, or would like to send some suggestions to the team, please email

These Transport Access Guides show the best walking routes to and from school and, along with these Parking Zone guides, are available in English, Korean and Mandarin.

English: Transport Access - Click Here / Parking Zones - Click Here

Korean: Transport Access - Click Here / Parking Zones - Click Here

Chinese: Transport Access - Click Here / Parking Zones - Click Here

School Zone Safety
For further information on School Zone Safety, please refer to this really useful City of Ryde link.


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