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At DEPS, each class has a class parent rep. Your main role would be to liase between your class teacher, parents, the school and the P&C. You will be working with your class teacher and parents to ensure your class is kept informed of any key messages and activities in class or school and this is usually done via emails. 

It is a role that can be shared with another parent, should you wish to.

So what does a class parent do?

Compiling and Maintaining a Class List

You will need to collect the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of parents in your class for your own teacher and class
distribution only - with each parent’s permission. The purpose of the parent contact list is to assist in building stronger class bonds, it is not to be used to share political or religious opinions nor is it to be used for any business purposes. 

It is important to contact your class teacher or the school directly for any school related matters, this includes any matters involving other students. Please do not approach other parents or children.

Organising Class Events

It would be ideal to organise a class get together during the school holidays, like a playdate at a park, morning teas etc. It's up to you. These catch ups enable parents to meet and get to know each other. This is especially beneficial to new parents or joined halfway.  For K-2 class parents, your class teacher may need your help in coordinating a roster of parent volunteers from your class for things such as reading groups, sharpening pencils, literacy duty, excursions etc. Your teacher will discussed this with you when and if needed.

Organising a thank you gift or expressions of appreciation for the class teachers

This is usually done at the end of the year on behalf of parents and students in your own class. Most of the time, parents choose the option of chipping in with the class for a small gift or a gift card for the teacher.

It is NOT MANDATORY for all parents to chip in for a class gift as some parents may choose to express their appreciation in other ways.


Support the P&C

You will be your class contact person for the P&C. We will need your help in coordinating parent helpers/volunteers for school events and the P&C may occasionally ask you to forward notices to parents in your class.


Got a question?


Contact Kate Spall our P&C Class Parent Reps Co-Ordinator by emailing her:

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